A Christmas to Remember

I recently donated a family photo session for an online auction. The lucky winners were the Bruyneel family. They showed up at Silver Bell's Christmas tree farm on a very cold Saturday afternoon, Dad a little apprehensive and Mom explaining that she can never get mittens on her littlest, Willa. She wore her dad's huge black mittens for most of the shoot. I already knew their middle daughter, Georgia, and their son, Andre, from the school I teach at. Andre wanted to know if they were getting a tree that day!

Their super fluffy and friendly dog, Gus, was extremely excited and on stimulation overload. I had brought props, thinking I could incorporate them into some cute poses. I did manage to get a few with props, but they actually proved to be the most helpful in distracting the kids while I stole mom and dad for a few photos of just them.

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with all the photos and so were they. Shannon said I deserved a Nobel prize for managing to get a photo where they were all looking at the camera at the same time! I feel like I already won the best prize though - I got to give a family gorgeous pictures they can share with the ones they love, and I helped raise funds for an accessible playground at my school through the online auction, WIN, WIN!

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