Because of Boudoir

"I had the pleasure of working with Emma on her (and my) first ever boudoir shoot. I was really nervous but Emma made the experience so much easier and fun than I ever expected it would be. In the lead-up to the shoot we messaged back and forth - I’d ask questions and she would shoot me ideas. On the day of the shoot, it was like meeting an old friend. Emma was friendly and warm, and really did everything she could to make me feel comfortable. She even gave me a hug when it was all said and done! I would be thrilled to work with Emma again."

I've wanted to write a blog post about my experience shooting boudoir for a while but I just didn't know where to start. Maybe it's because it isn't a sort of shoot I went looking for or had expected to be doing. Maybe it's because I know how divided people's opinions can be about something like boudoir photos in the first place. Either way, I decided maybe the best way to go about sharing the experience would be to get people who actually shared the experience with me to speak about it too.

The first shoot I did was with an Instagram follower who messaged me wanting to know if I'd do photos for her. She had been working out in a way she never had before (or thought she ever would) and wanted to document that accomplishment. I told her I'd never done boudoir photos but that I'd absolutely be open to it! I phoned several hotels and inns, only to discover I'd be paying a full night's rental at most (which in many cases was more than I even knew was possible in my little city). I finally found a location that I had a personal connection to that also offered a reduced rate for what I was proposing. The day of the shoot I presented myself at the front desk and waited for my client. After a little chatting to get to know each other a bit, we started snapping some photos and very quickly it felt completely natural. After I showed her a shot from my camera I think we both relaxed even more. I honestly don't know who was more excited about the delivery of the photos, me or her! She said after the brief moment of panic before looking at the photos she was thrilled with how they turned out.

The second shoot was with someone I already knew and had even photographed before, both for engagement photos and her wedding. Her best friend contacted me before Christmas, wanting to surprise her with the session as a gift.

"She arranged it all with Emma so all I would have to do was show up looking pretty and have some steamy photos done. I was a little nervous to do the shoot. Are my legs toned enough? Does my neck look too thick? Oh lord do my arms really look that fat?"

She and I messaged a bit before as well to discuss ideas. On the morning of the shoot she said she prepped herself physically and mentally by exfoliating, lathering up in body butter, oils and shimmers, all while listening to some Cardi B!

" The shoot itself was AMAZING. When I had settled in Emma unexpectedly asked me if I trusted her. I said yes (because I do) and she showed me the huge bathtub! The bubble bath pictures ended up being some of my favourites and gave us many laughs. I would do it again in second."

Because of boudoir photos, I have a totally different perspective on portrait photography in general and am an even bigger proponent for women supporting each other without judgement (which I already was by the way). I hope to have many more chances to capture strong, confident women in whatever way they want!

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