My name is Emma Boswell and I love capturing life's beautiful moments. I started taking pictures as a child with disposable cameras and film and the excitement I get from seeing the final images hasn't worn off one bit! I have a full-time job as an elementary school teacher and am a fur-mama to the handsomest black cat named Spencer. The passion I have for both photography and teaching compliment each other in meaningful ways. I love learning and watching others learn and thrive on trying to meet individual needs and hear people's stories. I feel artistic expression and the freedom to create is one of the greatest sources of joy and connection we have as humans - at any age!


My ultimate goal when photographing is to connect to the subjects. Be they people, animals, nature...or even food, capturing that unique energy through an image isn't always easy but when it happens it's magic. It is that magic that I want to create and share with you!